Hell on wheels

Real Leather

Filmed in Canada amongst the stunning backdrop of Calgary and Alberta, Hell on Wheels is a successful historical drma that aired between the year 2012 to 2016. This drama revolves around the life of many idstinct characters but in particular the life of Cullen Bohannon who is a Confederate Army veteran heading towards the West in search of men who murdered his wife, along the way he meets a former slave and the two form an alliance though tough ansd uneasy in nature.  This is a captivating drama which has succeeded in exhibiting a reel of emotions and a fight for survival after the incidence of the Civil War.

The dark and the intendse nature of the drama presenting a group of battered down people whi have been damaged and are suffereing from the post effects of the civil war is an eye-opner indeed. This drama portrays the human conditions in all its stark audacity of how the rapists, the evil and the good, the greedy and the pioneers are forced to live together and regain the purpose to life after the end of Civil War. The historical background  and the era which has been selected is brilliant woth the gritty Old West shown inall its glory.

The drama is intriguing and the story of damaged people all coming together to build the transcontinental Railroad is very much believable. Anson Mount who plays the lead character and is the famed Cullen Bohannon is a rare chahrter indeed. He is fearless and strong and fits the charxcter perfectly.

If you love action then the show has enough of shooting, killing and rough and tough action to keep you riveted on your seat through out the episode. This show was a hit for its amazing cinematography, realistic story and perfect setiing. The accents, the cast and the costumes harmonize and are in complete sync with the Western genre.

The star of the show, Cullen Bohannon has been able to garner worldwide fame through this lassical series and the vest he has sported throughout the season became the center of attention amongst the fashion designers of keather. State of the art and one of its kind, flawlessly functional leather vest has become a coveted fashion garment. The sleeveless look makes it stylish and classy and appropriate to merge it with any piece of clothing.

Made from real leather and with the distressed look presentation, the leather vest is suitable for both casual and semi-casual wear. The inner viscose lining is soft and comfortable and is provoded to render more durability to the leather jacket. The apparel comprises of five button closures accompanied woth two chest ockets and two waist pockets.  the lapel neckline style translates a distinctive style pattern and renders the jacket a designer look.

Althoiuh Cellen Bohannon sported the brown vest, we have replicated the look in both the brown and black colours. We have the finest quality leather and we assure you that if you decide to purchase this vest from us you will not be disappointed as we have the a skileed staff of craftsmen who relicate the look to perfection. So grab the chance and place your order with us  to make a fashion statement and adopt the rugged , intendse look that was the signature element of Cullen Bohannon’s countenance.