Genuine Leather Jacket For Womens

Glam up your layered look with the Zavlonz leather icons of style and elegance
A leather jacket is the quintessential fashion staple that is an elemental accessory for any woman. Whether the leaves are displaying their golden hue in autumn and you need to toss a layer over your clothes for a warmer feel or the climate change necessitates a heftier layering, a leather jacket is the timeless and the transitional outerwear that is synonymous with grace and elegance and the only piece of clothing that can be adorned in all seasons. Although men have always relied on a leather jacket to amplify their allure and enhance the charisma in personality and physique, women also have demonstrated a long time love affair with leather jackets. Leather jackets team up with any outfit, formal or informal, enhancing and adding glamour to even the simplest of attires making it look more attractive. Bedecked with either zips or buckles, cut with a narrow stylish silhouette or lined with extra layering protect from chilly, frosty winds, there is a leather out there for everyone.
Although the web is inundated with options that can throw your mind in a conundrum, Zavlonz has on display some of the most attractive silhouettes that range under your budget and augment your style quotient. Flip through some of the styles decked on our display stands.

Leather Moto jackets aka racer jackets

short for motorcycle jackets these type of jackets amp your air of panache and offer a sleek stylish profile apt for teaming with Moto jeans and simple tees. Perk up your glamour and appeal by combining the Moto jacket with cocktail dresses.
Bomber jackets aka aviator jackets: your search has come to a close if you have been rummaging for the best relaxed-fit jacket deal. Taking its roots from the early jackets of the pilots, a bomber jacket intensifies the charisma and mesmerizes the onlookers with your beguiling appearance. Pair with skinny jeans and tees to go retro.

Red leather jackets for women

look ultra feminine and raise the bar of fashion statement by opting for red leather jacket. The bold red hue in leather is a showstopper and can be twinned with timeless piece of skinny jeans and a crisp white tee. Zavlonz have more of your wardrobe heroes bedecked on racks. Skim through the latest designs of brown leather jackets for ladies, faux leather jackets, white and black leather jackets that vary from classic designs to state of the art luxury models. Whether you are at home, or on a runway or buying grocery around town or cruising through unchartered territory, Zavlonz has what your heart desires and decides upon.